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Monsanto Politics Part II: Death of Expertise

Microbiome Guardians In Monsanto Politics Part I  Microbiome Mayhem,  I wrote about Kavin Senapathy whose piece in Forbes was promoted on Twitter by Jonathan Eisen and Elizabeth Bik. All sarcasm aside, Jonathan’s very first response to my comment signaled explicit GMO partisanship and favoritism of Kavin- Monsanto’s messenger.   Eisen Quotes will be in Blue.    Eisen, who calls himself a “Guardian of Microbial …

GMO Pesticide Herbicide Citations & Scholarly Articles

Backups provided by Archive.Is.  If an article URL listed here conveniently “disappears” or breaks, click the corresponding Archive.Is link and scroll down until you find the article.  Enjoy. A Flawed Approach to Labeling Genetically Modified Food: Chemours, DuPont Shares Plummet after Testicular Cancer Liability Case: Signatories* No Scientific Consensus on GMO Safety as of 20 January 2015: …

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