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Solstice Farm

Solstice Farm is an Organic Specialty Farm outside Austin, TX, and is operated by owner Bradley Capron.  Mr. Capron began his career in the healthcare field as an Acupuncturist who specialized in clinical Herbalism, Orthopedics, Pain-Management, & Degenerative Disease Conditions.  Part-time work at Organic Farms on the Big Island of Hawaii while in school encouraged him to combine a knowledge of Plant Cultivation, with a deep study Apothecary Techniques, and the farm slowly took form as source of Top Quality, and Fresh, source material for Custom Herbal Tinctures, Balms, & Essential Oil Blends.

Solstice Farm then moved to the Oregon Wine Country in the Willamette Valley, where operations expanded, and food crops were added for additional income and Farmsteading.  Everything grown on the farm was eagerly snapped up by the growing restaurant scene serving the pinot noir growing region, as well as local markets in Portland.

 In 2011, Mr. Capron moved to Texas to focus on farming full time back in his home town of Austin.  The farm operations expanded significantly, adding extensive Hoop House Production, Water Catchment, Perennial Agriculture, Oyster Mushroom Production, &Vegetable Breeding Programs.  Vegetables produced on the farm are now found in restaurants all over Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, & Houston. Mr. Capron additionally consults for, and project manages, organic vegetable installations and landscapes for area clients.

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